Top Tips for Finding and Keeping Quality Staff – 5 Part Series

Top Tips for Finding and Keeping Quality Staff

Over the years we have spoken to hundreds of pet care facility owners who identify staffing as one of the biggest challenges facing their businesses. Let’s face it, most of us did not get into the pet care business because we couldn’t wait to manage employees. However, we all recognize the importance of maintaining a great staff to allow us to provide the quality pet care services our clients expect.shutterstock_1422717

Tip #1

Ongoing recruiting. Don’t wait until you are desperate.

Have you ever had trouble finding quality staff members? You might think this would be easy with unemployment rates at an all-time high and a bad economy. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is waiting until you are desperate to hire. Finding quality staff should be an ongoing process. Always look for opportunities to get your name out there so serious candidates that want to make pet care their career start to seek you out. Make sure you have a career page on your web-site. Find free on-line listings to keep a help wanted ad out there. You never know when an employee might leave or you have a need for a great staff member.

Tip #2

Sell your business as a premier place to work.

Remember during interviewing that the candidate is interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Sell yourself as the best place to work if you want to be in the pet care business. What are you doing or offering to employees that you can highlight? Do you offer employee discounts, training, pet industry certifications , and employee benefits? Maybe you have a comfortable employee lounge, free coffee and hot chocolate, or you give birthday cakes on their birthday! Talk about these things and sell yourself as if you are the Google of pet care so they will know you care about your employees and offer a fair and fun workplace.

Tip #3

Don’t get caught up in the dirty details of the position.

Often we get caught up in the details of the position, making sure the candidate won’t mind getting his or her hands dirty, and we forget to talk about all the wonderful things we do as an employer. Of course you want to be clear about the expectations of the position but on an initial interview this might just be too much. Check things like availability, ability to work with others, experience with pets, willingness to learn, overall work ethic and other qualities that you know a great employee should have.

Watch for our next blog on “Retaining Reliable Pet Care Staff Members.”


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